Privacy Policy

The personal data provided in this site is collected for the purpose of identifying the applicant for the tour trip packages offered by AL-ILMI TRAVEL&TOURS SDN BHD (“AITT”). The personal data provided will be used and particularly for the following purposes:

  • To process applications for tour events offered and organized by AITT,
  • To process the applicant’s personal data for the purpose of effective organisation and management of the tour event, including managing the contact list, invitations, participant preferences, etc. by AITT,
  • To process the applicant’s personal data after the completion of the tour event, for AITT’s internal, business operations and/or administrative purposes (including but not limited to receiving feedback from the applicant; providing the applicant with further information and/or updates in relation to the tour events attended; publishing or uploading excerpts which may contain images or videos of the applicant in the context of the tour events onto AITT’s official website and/or other media), and
  • Any other purposes which are necessary and incidental to the foregoing. The personal data of the applicant may be shared with third parties, for any of the purposes set out above and in accordance with AITT’s Privacy Notice.

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